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“You know those overdressed pretentious impossibly-witty fictional 1920’s characters who use words like fornicate and fling themselves on chaises longues in despair at the slightest inconvenience? Yeah if people like that made greeting cards this is what they’d be like”

In short, Masters of Excess is a luxury maximalist design studio in London and we’re here to stop you from boring the people you love. Our bold, excessively-witty cards and art prints are made for well-read hedonists inspired by architect Robert Venturi’s quote “Less is a bore”.
Why say “I love you” when you can say “Every man alive is horrifically inadequate compared to you” … Subtlety is for the weak, so join us and set your inner maximalist free.
(Seriously, she’s suffocating under all that quinoa, thinks neutral colours are for corpses and she wishes you’d stop being such a bore)

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